Washington, DC–Below is a statement by U.S. Conference of Mayors President Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve on the June 2 mass shooting in Akron.

“Once again, an American city is grappling with a mass shooting. This one was in Akron, where early yesterday one person was killed and 24 others injured, at least two critically, at a birthday party. America’s mayors stand with Akron Mayor Shammas Malik, Police Chief Brian Harding, the victims and their families, and the entire Akron community as they come together to process their shock, find the shooters, and recover from this horrific incident.

“Once again, we must ask what it will take for this country to come to grips with the gun crisis we face and do something meaningful about it. When will we have the courage to make sure it is safe to celebrate a sports victory at a parade, go to school or the grocery store, or celebrate a birthday? Common sense gun safety bills are pending in the House and Senate. We urge Congress to act now to protect our children, our first responders, all Americans from the scourge of gun violence. Enough is enough.”