Our Leadership

Greg Fischer

Mayor of Louisville


Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin

Nan Whaley

Mayor of Dayton

Vice President

Francis X. Suarez

Mayor of Miami

Second Vice President

CEO and Executive Director Tom Cochran

Tom Cochran

CEO and Executive Director

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee serves as the board of our organization. The committee is comprised of the top-three officers (President, Vice President, and Second Vice President) and also includes the following Past Presidents and Trustees.

Past Presidents

Bryan K. Barnett
Bryan K. BarnettMayor of Rochester Hills
Past President (2019-20)
Steve Benjamin
Steve BenjaminMayor of Columbia, SC
Past President (2018-19)
Elizabeth B. Kautz
Elizabeth B. KautzMayor of Burnsville
Past President (2010-11)


Steve Adler
Steve AdlerMayor of Austin
J. Christian Bollwage
J. Christian BollwageMayor of Elizabeth, NJ
James Brainard
James BrainardMayor of Carmel, IN
Joy Cooper
Joy CooperMayor of Hallandale Beach
T.M. Franklin ‘Frank’ Cownie
T.M. Franklin ‘Frank’ CownieMayor of Des Moines
Hardie Davis Jr.
Hardie Davis Jr.Mayor of Augusta, GA
Bill de Blasio
Bill de BlasioMayor of New York
Jorge O. Elorza
Jorge O. ElorzaMayor of Providence
John Giles
John GilesMayor of Mesa
David Holt
David HoltMayor of Oklahoma City
Hillary Schieve
Hillary SchieveMayor of Reno
Sylvester Turner
Sylvester TurnerMayor of Houston

Advisory Board

  • Muriel Bowser, Washington, DC
  • Sharon Weston Broome, Baton Rouge, LA
  • Juan Carlos Bermudez, Doral, FL
  • Roy D. Buol, Dubuque, IA
  • LaToya Cantrell, New Orleans, LA
  • Jane Castor, Tampa, FL
  • Pauline Russo Cutter, San Leandro, CA
  • Michelle De La Isla, Topeka, KS
  • Jenny Durkan, Seattle, WA
  • Buddy Dyer, Orlando, FL
  • Joe Ganim, Bridgeport, CT
  • Robert Garcia, Long Beach, CA
  • Andrew J. Ginther, Columbus, OH
  • Carolyn G. Goodman, Las Vegas, NV
  • Eric Johnson, Dallas, TX
  • Lori Lightfoot, Chicago, IL
  • Lily Mei, Fremont, CA
  • Jon Mitchell, New Bedford, MA
  • Kenneth D. Miyagishima, Las Cruces, NM
  • Frank C. Ortis, Pembroke Pines, FL
  • Betsy Price, Fort Worth, TX
  • Brian C. Wahler, Piscataway, NJ
  • Acquanetta Warren, Fontana, CA
  • Jeff Williams, Arlington, TX
  • Steve Williams, Huntington, WV
  • Victoria Woodards, Tacoma, WA

How Does Leadership Work?

There are a number of leadership opportunities for mayors within our organization, from committee and task force chairs to elected offices.

Each spring, a Nominating Committee is assembled by the President of the Conference to recommend newly elected officers for the organization. The Nominating Committee’s primary responsibility is to recommend specific mayors to serve as top officers, Trustees, and Advisory Board members. This committee is appointed each spring by the President and serves for one year.

To ensure bipartisan leadership, the standard practice dictates that a minimum of one of the top three officers (President, Vice President, and Second Vice President) must be a member of the minority political party within the United States Conference of Mayors.

Mayors seeking election to any of the open positions are asked to write a formal letter to the members of the Nominating Committee and to provide a copy of the letter to the CEO and Executive Director. The letter should formally state the desired position being sought, and the reasons and qualifications for seeking such office.

The actions taken by the Nominating Committee are recommendations to the delegates gathered at the Annual Meeting. The Nominating Committee report is considered and voted upon by the full membership of the United States Conference of Mayors gathered for the “Business Session” of the Annual Meeting.

Additional rules and details about this process can be found in the organization’s membership handbook.

Past Presidents

  • Bryan K. Barnett, Rochester Hills (2019-20) (77th) *
  • Steve Benjamin, Columbia, SC (2018-19) (76th) *
  • Mitchell J. Landrieu, New Orleans (2017-18) (75th)
  • Mick Cornett, Oklahoma City (2016-17) (74th)
  • Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Baltimore (2015-16) (73rd)
  • Kevin Johnson, Sacramento (2014-15) (72nd)
  • Scott Smith, Mesa (2013-14) (71st)
  • Michael A. Nutter, Philadelphia (2012-13) (70th)
  • Antonio R. Villaraigosa, Los Angeles (2011-12) (69th)
  • Elizabeth B. Kautz, Burnsville (2009-11) (68th) *
  • Greg Nickels, Seattle (2009) (67th)
  • Manuel A. “Manny” Diaz, Miami (2008-09) (66th)
  • Douglas H. Palmer, Trenton (2006-08) (65th)
  • Michael A. Guido, Dearborn (2006) (64th)
  • Beverly O’Neill, Long Beach (2005-06) (63rd)
  • Donald L. Plusquellic, Akron (2004-05) (62nd)
  • James A. Garner, Hempstead (2003-04) (61st)
  • Thomas M. Menino, Boston (2002-03) (60th)
  • Marc H. Morial, New Orleans (2001-02) (59th)
  • H. Brent Coles, Boise (2000-01) (58th)
  • Wellington E. Webb, Denver (1999-00) (57th)
  • Deedee Corradini, Salt Lake City (1998-99) (56th)
  • Paul Helmke, Fort Wayne (1997-98) (55th)
  • Richard M. Daley, Chicago (1996-97) (54th)
  • Norman B. Rice, Seattle (1995-96) (53rd)
  • Victor Ashe, Knoxville (1994-95) (52nd)
  • Jerry Abramson, Louisville (1993-94) (51st)
  • William J. Althaus, York (1992-93) (50th)
  • Raymond L. Flynn, Boston (1991-92) (49th)
  • Robert M. Isaac, Colorado Springs (1990-91) (48th)
  • Kathryn J. Whitmire, Houston (1989-90) (47th)
  • Arthur J. Holland, Trenton (1988-89) (46th)
  • Richard L. Berkley, Kansas City (1987-88) (45th)
  • Joseph P. Riley, Jr., Charleston (1986-87) (44th)
  • Ernest N. Morial, New Orleans (1985-86) (43rd)
  • Hernan Padilla, San Juan (1984-85) (42nd)
  • Richard H. Fulton, Nashville (1983-84) (41st)
  • Coleman A. Young, Detroit (1982-83) (40th)
  • Helen G. Boosalis, Lincoln (1981-82) (39th)
  • Richard G. Hatcher, Gary (1980-81) (38th)
  • Richard E. Carver, Peoria (1979-80) (37th)
  • William H. McNichols, Jr., Denver (1978-79) (36th)
  • Lee Alexander, Syracuse (1977-78) (35th)
  • Kenneth A. Gibson, Newark (1976-77) (34th)
  • Moon Landrieu, New Orleans (1975-76) (33rd)
  • Joseph L. Alioto, San Francisco (1974-75) (32nd)
  • Roy B. Martin, Jr., Norfolk (1973-74) (31st)
  • Louie Welch, Houston (1972-73) (30th)
  • Henry W. Maier, Milwaukee (1971-72) (29th)
  • James H.J. Tate, Philadelphia (1970-71) (28th)
  • Jack D. Maltester, San Leandro (1969-70) (27th)
  • Terry D. Schrunk, Portland, OR (1968-69) (26th)
  • Joseph M. Barr, Pittsburgh (1967-68) (25th)
  • Jerome P. Cavanaugh, Detroit (1966-67) (24th)
  • Neal S. Blaisdell, Honolulu (1965-66) (23rd)
  • Raymond R. Tucker, St. Louis (1963-65) (22nd)
  • Arthur L. Selland, Fresno (1963) (21st)
  • Richard C. Lee, New Haven (1962-63) (20th)
  • Anthony J. Celebreeze, Cleveland (1962) (19th)
  • Haydon Burns, Jacksonville (1961-62) (18th)
  • Richardson Dilworth, Philadelphia (1960-61) (17th)
  • Richard J. Daley, Chicago (1959-60) (16th)
  • Norris Poulson, Los Angeles (1958-59) (15th)
  • Robert F. Wagner, New York (1957-58) (14th)
  • John B. Hynes, Boston (1955-57) (13th)
  • Elmer E. Robinson, San Francisco (1953-55) (12th)
  • Thomas a. Burke, Cleveland (1953) (11th)
  • Martin H. Kennelly, Chicago (1952-53) (10th)
  • David L. Lawrence, Pittsburgh (1950-52) (9th)
  • W. Cooper Green, Birmingham (1949-50) (8th)
  • George W. Welsh, Grand Rapids (1947-49) (7th)
  • Edward J. Kelly, Chicago (1945-47) (6th)
  • Fiorello H. Laguardia, New York (1935-45) (5th)
  • Daniel W. Hoan, Milwaukee (1934-35) (4th)
  • T. Semmes Walmsley, New Orleans (1933-34) (3rd)
  • James M. Curley, Boston (1933) (2nd)
  • Frank Murphy, Detroit (1933) (1st)

* Denotes a past president currently serving as mayor.