Women’s Leadership Alliance

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About the Women’s Leadership Alliance

The Women’s Leadership Alliance (former Women Mayors’ Caucus) was convened in 1983 by Senator Dianne Feinstein, former Mayor of San Francisco. The purpose of the Women Mayors’ Caucus is both to encourage and develop involvement and leadership potential for women mayors within the Conference of Mayors. The Caucus also provides an excellent opportunity for networking and forum for an exchange of ideas on issues important to women.

The non-partisan group meets bi-annually during the Winter Meeting and Annual Meeting to discuss how women mayors can assume more responsibility within the organization.

Also, data shows that nearly 17 percent of cities over 30,000 in population have women mayors.

Clarksville Mayor Kim McMillan currently serves as Chair.



The Women Mayors’ Caucus is dedicated to increasing, on a non-partisan basis, the influence of women mayors within the Conference of Mayors. The Caucus seeks to discuss substantive issues of importance to cities and forward appropriate policy recommendations to the Conference.

The Women Mayors’ Caucus is committed to increasing the leadership numbers of the women who serve as mayors



The Women Mayors’ Caucus shall promote increasing numbers of women mayors in prominent and meaningful positions of leadership within the Conference and advance policy issues of importance to cities through existing Standing Committees.



Membership includes any woman mayor who is a member of the Conference of Mayors. Staff and guests are welcome at the meetings.


Contact Joan Crigger, Director of the Women’s Leadership Alliance.