Mayor' 2020 Vision for America: A Call to Action

Police Reform

Check out our detailed plan to reform policing and promote equal justice in American cities.

87th Annual Meeting

COVID-19 Resources

Our complete COVID-19 resource center for mayors and cities.

87th Annual Meeting

88th Annual Meeting

Check out adopted resolutions, watch videos, and take a look back at our virtual 88th Annual Meeting.

Partner America

Partner America

Learn how the Mayor’s Small Business Initiative, Partner America, is helping thousands of small to medium-sized businesses throughout the United States.

Mayors Stand For All

Join The Conference

Interested in becoming a member? Learn more about our organization, the benefits of membership, and how to join.

United States Conference of Mayors and Nationwide Public Sector Retirement Program

Public Sector Retirement Program

The United States Conference of Mayors and Nationwide. As the endorsed sponsor administering 457(b) and 401(a) Defined Contribution Plans, Nationwide can help your city employees save with confidence.

Our Leadership

Greg Fischer

Mayor of Louisville


Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin

Nan Whaley

Mayor of Dayton

Vice President

Francis X. Suarez

Mayor of Miami

Second Vice President

CEO and Executive Director Tom Cochran

Tom Cochran

CEO and Executive Director

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