Grant and Award Opportunities

Police Reform and Racial Justice Grant Program

This two-year, $700,000 program is aimed at identifying, supporting and promoting cities’ police policies and practices that have been found to be effective in advancing the goal of racial justice for all residents.

  • Sponsor: Target
  • Award Categories: $175,000 to one city of 250,000 residents or more; $100,000 to one city in the 100,000 – 250,000 population range; $75,000 to one city with up to 100,000 residents
  • Application Period: Current period ends June 15, 2021; second year period to be announced in 2021 Annual Meeting

USCM Contact: Mike Brown (202) 425-8590

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Childhood Obesity Prevention and Environmental Health and Sustainability Grants

$745,000 in grants will be awarded to cities that will support and expand childhood obesity prevention, environmental health and sustainability programs.

  • Sponsor: American Beverage Association
  • Award Categories: First place in small, medium and large city will be $125,000, $175,000, and $250,000, respectively. Second place awards of $50,000 and third place awards of $15,000 will also be made in each category
  • Application Period Opens: Fall 2021

USCM Contact: Dalen Harris (202) 861-6707 or

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Leadership in the Arts

Honors elected officials and artists that have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the advancement of the arts.

  • Sponsor: Americans for the Arts & The U.S. Conference of Mayors
  • Award Categories: One large city mayor & one small city mayor
  • Application Period: TBD

USCM Contact: Tom McClimon (202) 861-6729

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Mayors Climate Protection Awards

This award program recognizes and honors mayors for their outstanding and innovative practices that increase energy efficiency, expand renewable energy and/or reduce carbon emissions.

  • Sponsor: Walmart
  • Award Categories: 1st Place Large City Award ($25,000) and 1st Place Small City Award ($15,000), with the winning mayors designating a non-profit organization working on sustainability issues in their cities.
  • Application Period: TBA

Contact: Kevin McCarty (202) 861-6728

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DollarWise Innovation Grants

Each year, the DollarWise Economic Mobility Campaign awards seven USCM member cities with a $10,000 Innovation Grant to support economic mobility in underserved and underrepresented communities. The Innovation Grant Program is designed to help cities develop and scale local efforts that help working people and families remove barriers to economic mobility and build intergenerational wealth. Through these grants, DollarWise seeks to recognize and fund local economic mobility efforts that are innovative, impactful, and replicable in additional cities nationwide.

  • Sponsor: Bank of America Charitable Foundation
  • Award Categories: Three $10,000 awards
  • Application Period: Fall 2021

Contact: James Kirby (202) 861-6759

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