Grants and Award Opportunities for Summer 2019

Winners will be presented at the 87th Annual Meeting in Honolulu.

City Livability

Established in 1979, the City Livability Awards honors mayors and their city governments for developing programs that enhance the quality of life in urban areas. The award highlights mayors for improving the quality of life for their residents in innovative and creative ways.

  • Sponsor: Waste Management
  • Award Categories: Five awards for cities fewer than 100,000 people, and five awards for cities 100,000 or more.
  • In each category: One First-Place, Four Outstanding Achievement.
  • Application Deadline: March 2020
    NOTE: 2019 applications are no longer being accepted.
  • Website:

USCM Contact: Jocelyn Bogen (202) 861-6727,

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CommunityWINS Grant Program

The Working/Investing in Neighborhood Stabilization Grant Program will award $3 million over three years, to support local nonprofits in promoting long-term economic prosperity and quality of life for their community. Mayors may nominate up to three initiatives or programs through an eligible nonprofit of your choice.

  • Sponsor: Wells Fargo
  • Award Categories:
  • Two  Metropolitan City ($300,000 First Place, $100,000 Outstanding Achievement), Large City ($200,000 First Place, $75,000 Outstanding Achievement), Two Medium City ($150,000 First Place, $50,000 Outstanding Achievement), and Two Small City ($75,000 First Place, $50,000 Outstanding Achievement)
  • Application Deadline: March 2020
    NOTE: 2019 applications are no longer being accepted.

Contact: Gene Lowe (202) 861-6710, or Jocelyn Bogen (202) 861-6727,

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Mayors Climate Protection Awards

This award program recognizes and honors mayors for their outstanding and innovative practices that increase energy efficiency, expand renewable energy and/or reduce carbon emissions.

  • Sponsor: Walmart
  • Award Categories: 1st Place Large City Award ($25,000) and 1st Place Small City Award ($15,000), with the winning mayors designating a non-profit organization working on sustainability issues in their cities.
  • Application Period: TBA

Contact: Kevin McCarty (202) 861-6728

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Better Cities for Pets

USCM has partnered with Mars Petcare, one of the world’s leading pet care providers, to launch The BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™, a nationwide initiative to promote, support and expand pet-friendly programs and policies in America’s cities.

Sponsor: Mars Petcare

Award Categories: one Large City (population greater than 250,000) grant of $50,000; one Medium City (population between 75,000 and 250,000) grant of $30,000; one Small City (population of 75,000 or less) grant of $20,000.

Application Deadline: April 15, 2019

USCM Contact: Crystal Swann, (202) 861-6707,

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Grants and Award Opportunities for Winter

Winners are presented at the Winter Meeting in Washington, DC.

Childhood Obesity Prevention Grants

More than $400,000 in grants will be awarded to cities that will support and expand childhood obesity prevention programs.

  • Sponsor: American Beverage Association
  • Award Categories: First place in small, medium and large city will be $100,000, $120,000, and $150,000, respectively. Second place awards of $25,000 will also be made in each category
  • Application Period Ends: Saturday, September 14, 2019

USCM Contact: Dalen Harris (202) 861-6707

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Leadership in the Arts

Honors elected officials and artists that have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the advancement of the arts.

  • Sponsor: Americans for the Arts & The U.S. Conference of Mayors
  • Award Categories: One large city mayor & one small city mayor
  • Application Period: TBD

USCM Contact: Tom McClimon (202) 861-6729

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DollarWise Innovation Grants

Through these grants, DollarWise seeks to recognize and fund local financial education efforts that are both innovative and replicable by other communities. For fiscal year 2017, DollarWise will award one Innovation Grant to a city that integrates financial education into an English as a Second Language (ESL) initiative; one grant to a city that incorporates financial education into its public housing program; and one grant to a prisoner re-entry program.

  • Sponsor: Bank of America Charitable Foundation
  • Award Categories: Three $10,000 awards
  • Application Period: TBD

Contact: James Kirby (202) 861-6759

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DollarWise Summer Youth Grants

Each year, through its Summer Youth Campaign, Dollarwise encourages mayors to incorporate a financial education component into their cities’ summer youth employment and year-round youth programs. Cities may use these grants to provide incentives for youth to develop responsible financial habits, to establish evaluation techniques for the financial education component of their summer programming, or other innovative ideas. DollarWise will provide two Youth Campaign Grants; one to a summer job program; the other to a year-round youth program.

  • Sponsor: Bank of America Charitable Foundation
  • Award Categories: Two $10,000 awards
  • Application Period: TBD

Contact: James Kirby (202) 861-6759

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