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Begining in 2015, Major League Baseball and the United States Conference of Mayors joined to launch the Play Ball initiative, which will focus on the sport of baseball and encourage sustained participation in the sport for years to come. Play Ball serves as a platform to connect with those who are currently involved in the game, while also providing alternative ways in for those looking to get involved, with a specific focus on youth participation.

From March to September of each year, with the help of mayors across the country, “Play Ball” events are held with the goal of energizing communities and generating support and love for baseball and softball. To increase the mayoral youth impact, we encourage mayors to consider hosting mayoral events with their local Boys and Girls Clubs.

Mayors engage citizens, families, and their respective city departments to organize individual and community Play Ball events. These mayoral events not only create a renewed sense of enthusiasm for the game but also serve as an opportunity to strengthen family and community bonds.

As a 2020 Play Ball City the mayor will:

  • Conduct Play Ball event(s) during March to September 2020 in my city.
  • Participate in Major League Baseball’s Negro Leagues Centennial Celebration
  • Issue a “Play Ball” proclamation and present it during an official mayoral event
  • Register and Promote mayoral Play Ball event.
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