Washington, D.C.As Congress returns from recess and resumes its work in Washington this week, The United States Conference of Mayors (USCM) has released a new video focusing on the urgent need for comprehensive federal legislation to address the mental health crisis impacting communities across the country. The video includes interviews with USCM President Mayor Hillary Schieve, mayor of Reno, Nevada, and showcases the recent actions she and other mayors have taken to elevate this issue with members of Congress, including a series of meetings held with congressional leaders before the August recess. Click below to watch:

“This is the number one crisis in our cities, and it is crippling us,” said Schieve. “Too many are suffering, often in silence, and it will take mayors along with state and federal leaders working together to get people the help they desperately need. We must recognize that this is not a political issue—it’s an issue that touches nearly every family, individual, and community in the country. Mayors are united in their commitment to finding solutions to this growing problem, and we will continue to push our representatives in Washington until we change this failed system.”

The Conference continues to prioritize the mental health crisis. Mental health led the agenda last week at USCM’s Fall Leadership Meeting in San Diego, where more than 60 mayors convened to discuss possible legislative and local solutions to the crisis. USCM has also adopted a considerable body of policy relating to the crisis, calling for increased federal resources and collaboration. This past June, USCM released a survey from 117 cities that detailed the startling reality of the mental health challenges in America. The survey responses provided critical insight into the mental health needs in America’s cities, how local officials are working to address them, the problems they face in doing so, and what they need to better serve those with mental and behavioral health problems.

The full video is available here.