The new report provides blueprint for communities to reduce emissions and prepare for future risks

Washington, D.C. — Today, the United States Conference of Mayors (USCM) along with the Wells Fargo Institute for Sustainable Finance released a new report “Investing in Resilient and Equitable Neighborhoods,” which highlights focus areas, best practices and strategies for communities looking to address the effects of the climate crisis. This report is the result of a year-long partnership between the two organizations to assess how local elected officials and the private sector could work together to achieve climate and resilience goals.

“Mayors continue to be on the front lines as they deal with the consequences of the climate crisis in their own communities and push for solutions,” said USCM President and Miami Mayor Francis X. Suarez. “We are proud to share this report, a blueprint to help communities as they work to become more resilient, which would not have been possible without the collaboration between mayors and business partners over the past year.”

“Wells Fargo is committed to building community resilience in light of the impacts of climate change, particularly in underserved communities,” said Robyn Luhning, chief sustainability officer at Wells Fargo. “Our partnership in this report with the USCM is a part of our work to support the transition to a resilient, equitable and sustainable economy.”

The climate initiative was announced at USCM’s 2022 Winter Leadership Meeting, kicking off a year that brought together city leaders, Wells Fargo representatives, subject matter experts and non-profits to discuss the challenges faced by cities throughout the country due to the climate crisis, and how local communities are addressing their impacts. All together, these meetings and conversations aimed to find out how the public and private sectors can invest in solutions that will result in resilient and equitable neighborhoods for years to come.

The full report can be found here.