Washington, D.C.— President Joe Biden today announced a comprehensive set of actions intended to curb the gun violence epidemic that has gripped our nation for decades. He called on Congress to act on several commonsense measures that will help to reduce gun violence without compromising gun owners’ rights. He announced executive actions that can be quickly implemented, including proposed Justice Department rules on ghost guns and stabilizing braces that alter firearms to make them more accurate and deadly while still concealable, as well as model “red flag” legislation for states. In addition, he directed several federal agencies to prioritize investment in community violence interventions in key funding programs. In response to these actions, U.S. Conference of Mayors President and Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer issued the following statement:

“Nearly every day, mayors throughout the country are reminded that COVID-19 is not the only pandemic we face as a nation. Gun violence stemming from easy access to guns has been rocking our cities for decades, leaving friends and families of victims to soothe aching wounds with platitudes of thoughts and prayers. Meanwhile, mayors and other city leaders standby, dumbfounded by the nation’s unwillingness to take actions that will reduce the violence, and frustrated by their own lack of control over gun safety measures.

“The actions announced today by President Biden are both sorely needed and a welcome step towards reducing the violence plaguing our country – violence that has only escalated during the pandemic.  The nation’s mayors thank the President for his bold actions and for making this an administration priority. Further, we echo his call for Congress to take action and specifically urge the Senate to use this moment to quickly consider and pass critical legislation adopted by the House a month ago that would greatly strengthen the nation’s background check system.

“Since 1968, the U.S. Conference of Mayors has had strong policy calling for sensible gun safety policies and laws that will make our cities and our nation safer.  We applaud President Biden for the important actions he took today and pledge to work with him and with Congress to curb our nation’s gun violence epidemic.”