Washington, DC—Below is a statement from Tom Cochran, CEO and Executive Director of the United States Conference of Mayors, concerning the impact on cities of the Justice Department’s lawsuit against the State of California:

“The United States Conference of Mayors today stands firmly united with mayors across the State of California. The Attorney General’s decision to yet again threaten mayors and demonize our immigrant communities only strengthens our resolve to fight for what is just as we enforce the laws of our cities.

“It is unfortunate that the Attorney General continues to ignore both the Constitution and policing practices that have made our cities safer.  Public safety is our number one priority and we are committed, in conjunction with local law enforcement, to ensuring that all criminals, regardless of their immigration status, are properly adjudicated by the criminal justice system.

“For the sake of all of our citizens in all of our cities, we call on Congress, as we have for years, to pass the comprehensive immigration reform so desperately needed.

“Despite the Justice Department’s actions today, mayors will continue to work in tandem with local law enforcement to protect their cities and keep families whole while upholding the abiding values of compassion and respect that are at the core of our democracy.”