Washington, DC – Below is a statement by U.S. Conference of Mayors President Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve on today’s Supreme Court Garland v. Cargill decision:

“Earlier this week, America’s mayors welcomed the FBI report that there had been a significant decrease in violent crime during the first quarter of this year. Most striking was the 26.4 percent decline in murders.

“On the heels of this encouraging report, today’s action by the Supreme Court, striking down the ATF rule issued by the previous Administration banning bump stocks, will likely lead to more murders and reverse the progress we are making in reducing homicides and other violent crimes. We are deeply disappointed and alarmed by this decision.

“We call on Congress to quickly pass bipartisan legislation to ban bump stocks and empower ATF to reissue this critical rule. It will save lives and help to make our children, our families, our cities and our nation safer.”