Washington, D.C. – The U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) has long championed protections for LGBTQ+ communities, adopting a policy condemning discrimination against gay and lesbian people in 1984 and supporting marriage equality in 2009. Last year, in response to the surge in anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in state houses across the country, the Conference adopted a resolution opposing efforts to roll back protections for LGBTQ+ residents and block cities from strengthening those safeguards.

To commemorate Pride Month, USCM President Reno (NV) Mayor Hillary Schieve released the following statement:

“America’s mayors join the nation this Pride Month in celebrating the unwavering strength of our LGBTQ+ communities, and we stand resolute in opposition to deeply concerning attempts by state legislatures to undermine the rights and dignity of so many of our neighbors, friends, colleagues and loved ones. Our cities are living testaments to the power of coming together and stand as engines of progress that are fueled by the contributions of people from all walks of life. Now, more than ever, we must recommit ourselves to nurturing cities and communities where everyone feels a sense of belonging, is valued for their unique contributions, and is empowered to reach their full potential.”