WASHINGTON, DC—Following an address to the nation, President Joe Biden has made a request for supplemental funding from Congress to respond to the wars in Israel and Ukraine as well as other humanitarian crises, including the one relating to our southern border. In support of this call for action, U.S. Conference of Mayors CEO and Executive Director Tom Cochran released the following statement:

“President Biden has clearly articulated both the U.S. national security interests and moral obligations that demand Congress take swift action. Terrorists and oppressive regimes must know that the United States will stand firmly with our allies. Both Israel and Ukraine must be allowed to defend themselves against aggressors who’ve shown no regard for human life or their very existence. These wars have also contributed to a humanitarian disaster that we must not overlook. Lives depend on the assistance that the president is seeking.

“The president has also recognized that we are facing a humanitarian crisis along our border and in some of our cities, and we commend him for seeking resources to strengthen our border security and assist us in meeting the needs of migrants who have come to our cities.

“According to the policy of the United States Conference of Mayors, the nation’s mayors, the United States and the world need our Congress to act, and we urge lawmakers to put aside their petty differences and get to work.”