Washington, D.C.— Today, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer released the Inflation Reduction Act, a comprehensive bill that will address pressing issues facing the nation and its cities, including climate change, deficit reduction, health care and inflation. CEO and Executive Director of the U.S. Conference of Mayors Tom Cochran released the following statement in support of the new legislation:

“Thanks to the hard work of this administration and members of Congress, a new bill is being brought to the table that will invest in the future of our country by actively supporting the fight against climate change, turning the tide on inflation and helping communities thrive. The nation’s mayors are at the forefront on these important issues, and key components of the new legislative package – such as cutting carbon emissions, lowering energy costs and extending the ACA expansion – continue to be Conference priorities. America’s mayors are ready to support efforts to get this bill passed and strongly urge Congress to adopt it.”