Washington, DC – Following his Day One actions on climate change, President Joe Biden today signed a number of climate and environmental justice-focused executive orders. His latest actions will establish a National Climate Task Force to coordinate climate action across all federal agencies and bolster the nation’s growing clean energy sector. The latest round of executive orders show that the Biden-Harris administration is committed to taking a whole-of-government approach to addressing the climate crisis, working with mayors and local leaders to do so. U.S. Conference of Mayors President Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer released the following statement in support of President Biden’s actions:

“President Biden’s latest executive orders on climate and environmental justice show that a new day is finally here for climate action. Mayors across the country have long sought to implement comprehensive climate action plans in their own communities, and we are pleased to see that the new administration shares this vision. Together, we can ensure that no worker is left behind in the coming clean energy and green vehicle manufacturing boom, and mayors welcome the Biden-Harris administration’s actions that will both bolster our economy and tackle the climate crisis.”