At U.S. Conference of Mayors Annual Meeting, Mayors Push Solutions for the Biggest Challenges Facing the Country

Honolulu (HI) — This weekend in Honolulu, Hawaii, the United States Conference of Mayors gathered for its 87th Annual Meeting. After four days of conversation and idea sharing, the Annual Meeting culminates with debate and adoption of a slate of policy resolutions. The resolutions sponsored by Mayors from cities large and small establish the formal positions of the Conference and urge state and federal policymakers to take action. This year, Mayors took on some of the biggest challenges facing the country.

While supporting a vote on the new trade agreement with Mexico and Canada, the Mayors adopted a resolution sponsored by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio calling for the text to be revised with stronger labor, environment, and enforcement language. The Conference called for Congress to provide resources to address the humanitarian crisis at the border through a resolution sponsored by Mesa, Arizona Mayor John Giles, and in others, the Mayors demanded that the Trump administration provide greater support for families and individuals seeking asylum in the United States. Climate change was a major focus at the Annual Meeting, and the Conference adopted a series of resolutions to address the crisis, including one supporting a Green New Deal sponsored by Mayor Christopher Cabaldon of West Sacramento, California.

Upon adoption of the resolutions, U.S. Conference of Mayors CEO and Executive Director Tom Cochran said, “Once again these mayors are taking a stand on the tough issues. For decades this Conference has been out front on the biggest debates of the time. Mayors don’t get bogged down in partisanship and politics; they just focus on solutions and get things done. This week we’ve advanced the legacy of this organization by answering the call and challenging Washington to do the same.”

Below are just some of the notable resolutions adopted by the Conference today. A full list of those proposed can be found here.

Trade –

Ensuring NAFTA 2.0 (USMCA) Includes Protections for American Workers, the Environment, and Contains Strong Enforcement Measures (Resolution Number: 72)

Urging Congressional Consideration of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (Resolution Number: 73) 

Immigration –

Upholding Existing U.S. Humanitarian Policies, Supporting Refugees and Opposing the Administration’s Misguided Border Policies Targeting Families and Individuals Seeking Asylum in the United States (Resolution Number: 45)

Urging Federal Support to Address the Humanitarian Crisis at the Southern Border (Resolution Number: 44)

Guns –

In Support of Background Checks for All Gun Sales (Resolution Number: 35)

Using Purchasing Power of Cities to Invest in Smart Gun Technology (Resolution Number: 37)

Climate –

Supporting Cities’ Rights and Efforts to Mitigate Climate Change Damages and Protect Taxpayers from Related Adaptation Costs (Resolution Number: 65)

Supporting a Green New Deal (Resolution Number: 64)

In Support of a National Price on Carbon Emissions (Resolution Number: 66)

Child and Human Services –

Opposition to State Anti-Abortion Legislation Efforts (Resolution Number: 9)

In Support of Efforts to Combat a Growing Youth Vaping Epidemic (Resolution Number: 8)

Resolution in Support of Comprehensive Prescription Drug Pricing Reform (Resolution Number: 7)