Washington, DC—Below is a statement by U.S. Conference of Mayors President Columbia (SC) Mayor Steve Benjamin on last night’s shooting in Thousand Oaks, CA:

“Once again, we’ve seen that senseless mass shootings can occur anywhere and anytime.  As a result of last night’s shooting in a bar in Thousand Oaks, CA, 12 people are dead, one of them a 29-year veteran law enforcement officer who ran into the bar to protect others and died a hero.

“This carnage must stop!  College students should be able to enjoy an evening in a club; worshippers should be able to pray in their synagogues and churches; children should be safe in their schools.  As a nation, we must come to grips with gun violence and enact reasonable laws that will reduce it.

“America’s mayors offer their condolences to the victims and their families and stand with Thousand Oaks Mayor Andrew Fox as he works to console the grieving and heal the community.”