Press Conference on Friday, October 12 at 10:15 am EDT

Washington, DC—As the nation’s aging infrastructure continues to threaten water systems and the health and economic vitality of cities across the country, the U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM), under the leadership of Conference President Columbia (SC) Mayor Steve Benjamin, will convene USCM’s Water Council in Flint (MI) on October 12 to discuss the current crisis. During the meeting, mayors will share information on critical issues such as water technology, management methods, operational experience and the financing of water infrastructure development.  Flint (MI) Mayor Karen Weaver will also give an update on her city’s lead-contaminated water crisis.

All meeting discussions are CLOSED to press, but Mayors will hold a PRESS CONFERENCE on Friday, October 12 at 10:15 am EDT to report out on their discussions.  During the press conference, USCM will release a new report examining the daunting challenges cities face today with replacing hundreds of thousands of miles of aging and failing pipes, which are the single most costly water and sewer capital investment.  The report highlights how changes to the competitive bidding process can provide significant cost-savings to local governments, who already provide roughly 98 percent of the annual investments needed for their water infrastructure.

Event details:


Columbia (SC) Mayor Steve Benjamin, USCM President

Flint (MI) Mayor Karen Weaver

Lima (OH) Mayor David Berger, Co-Chair, USCM Water Council

Napa (CA) Mayor Jill Techel, Co-Chair, USCM Water Council

Tom Cochran, USCM CEO & Executive Director

+ Mayors from across the United States


Press Conference


Friday, October 12, 2018 at 10:15 am EDT


Factory One(303 W. Walter Street, Flint, MI)


Please RSVP to Sara Durr at [email protected]