Washington, DC—Below is a statement by U.S. Conference of Mayors President and Columbia (SC) Mayor Steve Benjamin on the EPA’s proposed affordable clean energy rule:

“We are extremely disappointed that the Environmental Protection Agency, through their proposed Affordable Clean Energy Rule, has chosen to dramatically weaken our nation’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“With intense droughts, wildfires, rainstorms, and flooding plaguing our nation, we need to move swiftly to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the very real impact climate change is having on the health and economic vitality of our communities.

“The nation’s Mayors have committed themselves to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through switching to low carbon energy sources, improving building efficiencies, and promoting alternative transportation options, but we can’t do it alone. We need the Administration and the federal government to stand with us and support necessary programs and policies that encourage utilities to utilize more low carbon energy sources.

“The challenge to address climate change is an urgent one and requires bold action.  The time is now to come together and redouble our efforts to protect our children and give them a cleaner, safer and healthier future.”