Washington, DC—The U.S. Conference of Mayors released the following statement after a bipartisan vote blocked the Senate’s “skinny repeal” health care plan:

“Thanks to bipartisan efforts, millions of Americans get to keep their health care today, and families, seniors and communities across the nation won’t face uncertainty tomorrow. While a dangerous plan may have failed today, we know that the work has just begun to develop a bipartisan solution to stabilizing the insurance marketplace, guaranteeing access to affordable, high quality healthcare, and bringing calm back to the American people.

“Mayors of both parties advocated strongly that working together in a bipartisan manner is the best path forward for this country.  We remain committed to working with Congress to make our nation’s healthcare system the strongest in the world.  We particularly thank the Senators and Mayors from Arizona, Alaska, Maine, Ohio, Nevada and West Virginia, among others, who spoke with one bipartisan voice.”