Washington, D.C. – U.S. Conference of Mayors CEO and Executive Director Tom Cochran today issued the following statement in response to the Administration’s Executive Order titled ‘Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth’:

“The U.S. Conference of Mayors is a strong proponent of the need to address climate change and supports the Paris agreement, which positions the world’s nations, including the United States, to be energy independent, self-reliant, and resilient.

“U.S. Mayors have committed their cities to address climate change by investing in renewable energy, increasing the energy efficiency of buildings, addressing the water-energy nexus, and providing more energy-efficient transportation options.

“We acknowledge the detrimental impact that climate change already has, and will continue to have on our communities and our planet.  And while Mayors will continue to lead the way, we cannot do it alone. We need both the public and private sector to work together to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions if we are to remain economically competitive and energy independent.

“The U. S. Conference of Mayors supports the Clean Power Plan (CPP) as an essential next step to address and lower greenhouse gas emissions as part of our nation’s responsibility to address global warming. The US utility sector must be part of the solution and the CPP is a framework to ensure necessary reductions from this sector.

“A thriving economy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions are compatible by focusing on new technology, investing in renewable fuel sources, and increasing our energy efficiency.

“We hope as the Trump Administration moves forward and that the CPP will be implemented as promulgated.  The rule was finalized after countless scientific, industry and governmental input. It should remain.”

To view The Conference of Mayors climate change resolution regarding the Clean Power Plan and Paris Agreement, please see below: