The Conference of Mayors’ is sharing success stories daily on what Community Development Block Grants support in our nation’s cities.

Dallas, TX

The Lone Star Gas Lofts Phase II (formerly identified as Atmos Lofts Phase II) project is the second and final phase of the Lone Star Gas Lofts Complex development – located in the heart of downtown Dallas, TX. The building is comprised of four vacant commercial buildings and has been converted into a mixed-use, mixed-income housing development. The building has 9,800 square feet of bottom-floor commercial space and residential space comprised of 123 multi-family rental units starting with the second floor. Hamilton Properties Corporation and Central Dallas Community Development Corporation co-developed the project, merging their significant expertise of rehabilitating historic buildings while adding critically needed quality affordable housing to the downtown market.


Coordination of efforts among several entities involved in planning, developing, and funding the project provided the impetus to bring the project completion to fruition.  Multiple funding sources were required to undergo this project including a HUD Section 108 Housing Loan, which was used to rehabilitate 123 residential units, as well as Historic Tax Credits, which were critical to the project’s development.


East Orange, NJ

The City of East Orange has historically utilized CDBG funding for a variety of successful infrastructure projects, most notably $100,000 allocated for the Public Works ADA Streetscape Project on Main Street.  CDBG investment allowed for landscape upgrades and street lighting enhancements along main commercial corridors of the city. These investments have encouraged individual property owners and local merchants to willingly participate in community-wide spruce-up East Orange Clean-Up Campaigns. Additionally, CDBG funds have been used to construct much-needed ADA-accessible bathrooms, access ramps, and restrooms.

Since 2011, the City of East Orange has utilized CDBG funds to complete rehabilitation of 101 single homes and promote first-time homeownership through East Orange’s First Time Homebuyers Program.  These developments would not have been possible without collaboration with our key CHDOs (Community Housing Development Organization) La Casa de Don Pedro and Sierra House, partner organizations, local financial institutions, and contractors.  The City of East Orange partnered with our local CHDO, La Casa de Don Pedro, to develop four new single family townhomes on Eaton Place in the Greenwood Redevelopment Area. Currently, two of the units are under contract, and demand remains strong for the remaining units.