The United States Conference of Mayors will soon gather for its Annual Meeting next week. Every summer, mayors from cities large and small come together to talk about their approaches to some of the most important challenges facing communities across the country. It’s an opportunity to share ideas and propose solutions, but also to help shape the nation’s policy debate.

Every year, mayors propose and vote on a number of formal resolutions that cover a wide variety of topics. While other levels of government often get bogged down in partisan politics, mayors just want to get things done. These resolutions allow mayors to debate the issues of the day and then speak with one voice about solutions to big problems.

Resolutions are divided into 10 categories, including:

“Mayors are tackling issues of national importance because our voices are needed more than ever,” said Conference President Steve Benjamin, Mayor of Columbia, SC. “We can’t just sit on the sidelines. We have to be the drivers of the change that our constituents expect and deserve.”

The 87th Annual Meeting will take place the last weekend of June, and these policy statements will be central to the gathering. This meeting allows Mayors to demonstrate the leadership they embody every day for their constituents, and to learn from one another about what is working at the local level. This blog will keep you updated on the discussion.