Conference Energy Chair New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell in a keynote address before a smart grid technologies conference discussed the energy priorities of the nation’s mayors as set forth in the New Bedford Principles adopted at a special Conference of Mayors’ energy forum in mid-September. His remarks followed those of U.S. Senate Energy Committee Chair Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

“America’s mayors are highly engaged [on energy issues] and are not waiting for the Federal government,” Mitchell told attendees December 6th at the gridCONNEXT 2017 conference in Washington, DC.  “We don’t need any more storms to remind us that things are happening. We need to be prepared,” he said.

Mitchell challenged the company representatives to partner with mayors because “cities are best positioned to know where resources should go” as he discussed the role of mayoral energy leadership in building smart cities. “Work with your mayors,” he urged the participants in closing his remarks.