Americans for the Arts Honor Exceptional Leaders in the Arts

WASHINGTON, DC, January 19, 2017—Americans for the Arts, the nation’s leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts and arts education, and The United States Conference of Mayors today presented the 2017 Public Leadership in the Arts Awards to two elected officials at The United States Conference of Mayors Winter Meeting. The honorees have supported and promoted arts and culture in their communities.

  • Martin Walsh, mayor of Boston, received the National Award for Local Arts Leadership for cities with a population
    of 100,000 or more.
  • Satish Hiremath, mayor of Oro Valley, Arizona, was awarded the National Award for Local Arts Leadership for
    cities with a population fewer than 100,000.

“Mayor Walsh and Mayor Hiremath have each demonstrated immense dedication to the development of arts programming within their respective communities. Their exceptional leadership and commitment to the arts enriches the lives of citizens of all ages and backgrounds through a variety of cultural initiatives,” said Robert L. Lynch, President and CEO of Americans for the Arts.

“Every year, The U.S. Conference of Mayors recognizes the exemplary efforts of mayors who believe as much as we do
that the arts are the heart of our society,” remarked Tom Cochran, CEO and Executive Director of The U.S. Conference of Mayors. “Arts and culture help shape a city’s quality of life and economic vitality. Mayors understand the connection
between the arts, business, and tourism and the arts significant impact on local economies.”

A list of previous award winners is available on Americans for the Arts’ awards page.

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