In May 2017, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu delivered remarks on the removal of Confederate statues from his city. That leadership then has proven to be a turning point for cities across the United States. Watch his full speech below.

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Over 270 mayors have signed on to our Mayors Compact Against Hate, Extremism, and Bigotry.

How Mayors Are Responding

Mayor Garcetti Launches ‘Reach Out’

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti launched Reach Out, an action center on his web site full of tips on how Angelinos can connect with each other and demonstrate compassion for one another.

Mayor Fischer Discusses Louisville’s Public Art Audit on First Podcast Episode

Lousiville Mayor Greg Fischer has called for a complete audit of all public art in Lousiville Metro that could be interpreted as honoring bigotry and racism. The Mayor discusses this along with issues of equity and race in his first-ever episode of The Mayor Greg Fischer Podcast.

Mayor Pugh Removes Confederate Monuments Citing Safety and Security

Four monuments were removed after Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh called for their removal, more than 18 months after the city’s first conversations and recommendations around the issue were made.

Mayor Gray Calls for Accelerated Removal of Monuments

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray calls for the acceleration of the removal of monuments after the events in Charlottesville.

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