Introduction from the Chair

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman

Hi, I am Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman of Las Vegas, Nevada. The United States Conference of Mayors President, Mitch Landrieu, has honored me by asking that I serve as Chair of the Mayors Business Council. On behalf of all the Mayors of The United States Conference of Mayors, I am pleased to invite you to join The Mayors Business Council.

Now, more than ever, the continued vitality of cities and the nation are dependent upon Mayors and private sector leaders tackling issues of common concern such as, but not limited to: streamlining government, homeland security and public safety, building affordable housing, investing in youngsters and schools, promoting arts, culture and sports, recycling land and preserving open spaces, investing tax cuts in challenged neighborhoods and working families, workforce training, modernizing infrastructure, and increasing access to affordable healthcare.

Central to the mission of the Business Council is the goal of improving the business environment in cities. As an example of this mission, The Mayors Business Council identifies and promotes “Best Practices” in the arena of public/private partnerships through the Best Practices Center. Mayors and business leaders agree that with continued devolution of responsibility to the local level, creative public/private partnerships will be a major force in shaping cities of the 21st century.

Experience has shown that when the resources of business and government are combined, our cities benefit and our nation is stronger. Still, The Mayors Business Council can only achieve its mission if you are at the table with us. The Mayors of The United States Conference of Mayors look forward to your participation.

Carolyn G. Goodman
Mayor of Las Vegas
Chair, Mayors Business Council