The Road to Recovery Runs Through America’s Cities

To date, the federal government has provided NO emergency fiscal relief for America’s cities that can be used to mitigate the budget shortfalls resulting from COVID-19’s impact on their local economies.  Presented here are brief descriptions of unanticipated, very real, and very painful budget deficits now faced in cities of all sizes in all parts of the country, and actions they are being forced to take in order to balance their budgets – as required under law.

Unless Congress and the Administration come together to provide emergency fiscal relief for America’s cities, more workers will be unemployed, critical services provided during this national crisis will be curtailed, and cities will likely become a drag on the very economic recovery that they would otherwise be leading.

Below is preliminary information. Many cities are still going through their budget process to fully understand both the immediate and long-term economic impacts of COVID-19.  The negative impact data for cities that have provided information is very likely to grow, and more cities will be added to this tracker in the days ahead. This site will be continually updated as new information is provided.

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