American Management Services, Inc.
American Management Services, Inc., through its partnership with the United States Conference of Mayors, administers the Partner AmericaTM program. The program provides implementation-based management consulting services, commonly available to only the largest companies, to small and mid-sized companies from one million in sales to over three hundred million. Since 1986, the company has worked with over 12,000 small and mid-sized businesses in over 400 industries across the range of SIC codes.

The company has 100 full-time, seasoned, senior financial and operating executives across the United States dedicated to achieving immediate improvement of profitability for its clients. American Management works shoulder-to-shoulder with business owners to ensure complete implementation of the necessary policies, procedures and management actions that need to be undertaken for immediate cash flow and profitability improvement. George Cloutier, the company's founder, sums up the mission this way:

"You cannot finance your way to real profits; they must be earned through the implementation of effective management methods and procedures.