BGR Group
Founded in 1991, BGR Group is a premier government affairs and public relations firm with offices in Washington, D.C., Austin, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, and London. BGR specializes in three key areas: bipartisan government affairs, strategic communications, and business advisory services. BGR brings together some of the most accomplished policy experts, public opinion influencers, and issue advocates from across the political spectrum.

BGR Group stands out among Washington, D.C.-based firms with its robust bipartisan state and local government relations offering. The firm’s State and Local Advocacy team utilizes decades of combined experience to support client engagement with state and local elected officials at all levels of government across the country. Through tailored advocacy strategies, BGR helps clients build reputational and brand awareness with key decision-makers, successfully navigate complex regulatory environments, negotiate incentives, advantage business development efforts, pass and defeat legislation, as well as activate state and local support to drive federal advocacy efforts. Our trusted name and reputation are valued commodities that can be relied upon to deliver new business opportunities and policy solutions.