Children, Health and Human Services Standing Committee

About the Committee

The Children, Health and Human Services Standing Committee (CHHS) reviews and recommends for consideration policies on children, health, and human services issues that impact U.S. cities. These issues include but are not limited to issues such as healthcare, childcare, poverty, mental health, chronic disease prevention, substance use disorders, and senior care. The Committee comprises full-member mayors and meets once a year in June to consider policy resolutions but may meet other times as deemed appropriate.

The Committee is chaired by Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney and two vice chairs, Sacramento Mayor Darrel Steinberg, Vice Chair for Mental Health, and Mount Vernon Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard, Vice Chair for Equity.


Miami Mayor Francis X. Suarez

Mayor Levar Stoney
Richmond, VA

Miami Mayor Francis X. Suarez

Mayor Darrell Steinberg
Sacramento, CA
Vice Chair | Mental Health Services

Miami Mayor Francis X. Suarez

Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard
Mount Vernon, NY
Chair | Equity

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Adopted Policies

During the Conference’s Annual Meeting every June, standing committees recommend policy positions they believe should be adopted by the organization. At this time, every member attending the Annual Meeting is given the opportunity to discuss and then vote on each policy resolution. Each city, represented by its mayor, casts one vote. The policy positions adopted at the Annual Meeting collectively represent the views of the nation’s mayors and are distributed to the President of the United States and Congress.

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