A Resolution in Support of Federal Action on the Mental Health Crisis

Adopted at the 90th Annual Meeting in 2022

  • WHEREAS, mental health challenges continue to rise amongst youth and adults across the country and it is of utmost urgency to integrate mental healthcare into the same sphere of care surrounding physical health; and

    WHEREAS, mental health is under-researched and undertreated due to the lack of resources and stigma surrounding mental health which deters people from proactively seeking assistance; and

    WHEREAS, mental health challenges have been exasperated by the COVID-19 pandemic which has drastically required people to adapt to a new normal which severely affects the mental health of individuals who had previously struggled with mental health and also those who have found themselves isolating and dealing with the deadly coronavirus; and

    WHEREAS, mental health ought to be an integral part of our nation's healthcare system due to its effect on other aspects of life from personal relationships to professional fulfillment; and

    WHEREAS, mental health support is a sector of life that is inaccessible for many people and should not depend on a person's socioeconomic status to receive lifesaving care; and

    WHEREAS, Mayors understand that the mental health of youth is critical to their current and future academic success and personal development along with teaching them healthy social skills and coping mechanisms without the societal stigma of asking for help; and

    WHEREAS, Mayors recognize the incredible need for increases in mental health awareness and dedicated resources from state and federal governments to address the mental health crisis along with collaboration between the local, state, and federal governments to create adequate guidance and resources for citizens who are struggling with mental health:

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the US Conference of Mayors urges Congress to work in a bipartisan fashion to address the nation's increasing mental health crisis through investing in expansion of the Mental Health Professional workforce, support for Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics, and an expansion of mental healthcare access through telehealth improvements.

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the US Conference of Mayors commits to increasing awareness of mental health challenges in all demographics with an emphasis on youth mental health.

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