Starbucks Coffee Company
We Believe In The Pursuit Of Doing Good
We have always believed Starbucks can - and should - have a positive impact on the communities we serve. One person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time. It is our vision that together we will elevate our partners, customers, suppliers and neighbors to create positive change in the areas where we can make the biggest impact:
-Leading in sustainability: Our aspiration is to become resource positive, giving more than we take from the planet by storing more carbon than we emit, eliminating waste, and providing more clean freshwater than we use.
-Strengthening communities: We seek to be a welcoming Third Place for everyone while supporting the communities we touch - from volunteering in our local neighborhoods to helping families in coffee- and tea-origin communities.
-Creating opportunities: We invest in pathways to opportunity through education, training and employment; hiring veterans and military spouses, refugees, Opportunity Youth and those formerly incarcerated, and helping them build their futures once they are with us.