Charter Communications
Charter Communications is a connectivity company providing broadband, video, mobile, and voice services to over 30 million customers1 in 41 states under the brand name Spectrum. Our 95,000 employees work every day to deliver on our core business objective of providing superior products with great customer service.

We're driving innovation and expanding access to broadband to ensure our customers receive the information and entertainment they want and need to succeed in today's hyper-connected world. One way our clients are leveraging innovation and connectivity is by partnering with Spectrum to build a smart city. More than just a place, a smart city is a commitment to using technology to build a more responsive, dynamic, competitive city. While implementations vary, every smart city has three main components: a robust, ubiquitous network, widely deployed sensors to collect data and the ability to analyze and leverage that data in real time for actionable insights.

Charter is continually investing in our network, our employees, and the communities we serve.

Our key priorities include:
-Building a highly skilled, locally based and diverse workforce
-Investing in America's infrastructure
-Strengthening the communities we serve
-Driving innovation
-Providing superior products and services at a better value
-Leading innovation engagements with sensor technology and data analytics leveraging the network to deliver insights