IKE Smart City
IKE Smart City was formed by Orange Barrel Media. Since its inception in 2004, OBM has been creating value for property owners, cities and municipalities, advertisers, and the public by designing and operating iconic signage that adds vibrancy to urban places. OBM is nationally recognized for its community-oriented model of outdoor media - key to this success has been a commitment to providing public benefit through a balance of art, community content, and commercial messaging. Over the past 18 years OBM has grown its inventory of large format static signs to include wallscapes, digital spectaculars and with sister company IKE Smart City, interactive kiosks. Together, OBM and IKE provide a comprehensive solution to activating the public realm.

IKE Smart City is the leader in interactive digital kiosks, operating in 15 U.S. markets and growing. We were formed with the goal of building a wayfinding and city communication system for the digital age, delivered in a self-sustaining business model at no cost to city partners. Our kiosks activate the pedestrian experience with dynamic hyper-local content and wayfinding features that drive discovery, mobility, and equity. IKE is a breakthrough citizen engagement platform that helps cities, business improvement districts, and destination marketing organizations communicate with the public, encourage a pedestrian-oriented environment, and tell the story of their city. Learn more at www.ikesmartcity.com.

Other Areas of Special Interest or Expertise: Smart City Technology