Edison Electric Institute
The Edison Electric Institute (EEI) is the association that represents all U.S. investor-owned electric companies. Our members provide electricity for nearly 250 million Americans and operate in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. As a whole, the electric power industry supports more than 7 million jobs in communities across the United States. In addition to our U.S. members, EEI has more than 70 international electric companies as International Members, and hundreds of industry suppliers and related organizations as Associate Members.

Organized in 1933, EEI provides public policy leadership, strategic business intelligence, and essential conferences and forums.

Delivering Resilient Clean Energy Across the Economy
EEI's member companies are focused on affordability and reliability as they work to deliver the resilient clean energy future that customers want and expect. About 50 EEI member companies have ambitious forward-looking carbon emission reduction goals, 40 of which are aiming for net-zero or equivalent by 2050 or sooner. Carbon emissions from the U.S. power sector are as low as they were in 1984, while electricity use is up 73 percent since then. Today, more than 40 percent of all U.S. power generation comes from clean, carbon-free sources.

America’s Electric Companies are Leading on Clean Energy – One Pager: