A joint effort by the United States Conference of Mayors and the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES).

     Mayors Meet at NYU for Climate Change Week  – Fall 2017                           Combatting Climate Change Panel in San Francisco – Fall 2018


About the Alliance

Mayor of Salt Lake City and Chair of the Alliance for a Sustainable Future Jackie Biskupski speaks in San Francisco surrounded by members of the Alliance.

The federal government’s leadership role in addressing climate change has greatly diminished, from the announced withdrawal from the Paris Agreement to the example set by recent domestic actions to freeze vehicle standards and rollback power sector targets. This is unfortunate and has real consequences, coinciding with several years of increasing average global temperatures, record flooding, heat waves, droughts, and wildfires. The need for action is growing increasingly urgent as the impacts are felt in urban, suburban, and rural America.

The U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) and the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES) formed the Alliance for a Sustainable Future to provide a platform for the public and private sectors to accelerate carbon reduction programs and sustainable development, as well as strengthen partnerships toward mutual sustainability and climate goals.

Recent reports:

Carbon Case Study 2019


 Mayors Leading the Way on Climate 2018


                              Mayors Leading the Way on Climate 2017                                 American Mayors and Businesses 2017

What Cities are Doing to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Buildings, Vehicles, and Electricity Generation

The information below was selected from our survey entitled, Mayors Leading the Way on Climate and How Cities Large and Small are Taking Action (September 2018). The Alliance for a Sustainable Future will continue to collect data and publish results in order to help cities identify best practices for their own communities.

Energy Efficiency and Buildings

New Buildings

Existing Buildings

Energy Benchmarking

Green Vehicles

City Purchases

Charging Stations


Electricity Generation

Overview of City Practices

City-Wide Goals

Cities with Policies to Incentivize Renewable Energy

Partnerships and Tools

Cities Partnering with Local Government

Cities Partnering with Businesses

City-Utility Partnerships for a Cleaner and Smarter Energy Future Webinar

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Alliance Webinar on Electrifying Fleets

Click here for audio and Q&A of the Electrifying Fleets webinar that took place on March 15, 2018