Care Solace
Navigating the outdated mental healthcare ecosystem is a challenge. Care Solace calms the chaos and simplifies the complexities. Providing a human and technology approach, Care Solace ensures that everyone in every community can access reliable, ethical and high-quality mental healthcare, regardless of coverage, including private insurance, Medicaid, and sliding scale options for those without insurance. We match individuals to more than 350,0000 empirically verified and culturally-respectful care/therapists, perform a warm handoff, follow-up on care, and assess outcomes. Care Solace expands on existing social programs and employer EAPs and bridges the gaps for needs that exceed the scope of those services.

When individuals navigate the mental health care system on their own, only 18% actually book an appointment due to barriers within the system. Care Solace uses a human-first connection supported by technology to achieve results and book appointments within hours and days, not weeks or months. In 2022 alone, Care Solace rendered 6.4M services on behalf of individuals seeking care. By navigating the complexities of providers, scheduling, and payment options, Care Solace dignifies an individual and helps them find the care they need. We impact the lives of people living with mental illness by addressing systemic issues: Shortages of mental health workforce professionals; Mental health disparities among diverse populations; Behavioral health equity for all populations and persons otherwise adversely affected by persistent poverty or inequality.

Care Solace is a minority-owned business - a social purpose organization founded with the mission to implement systemic solutions for sustainable, equitable access to mental health care. The organization shares the fundamental belief that mental health is a basic human right.

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