The nation’s mayors are calling on the United States Senate to return to Washington to pass bipartisan legislation to end gun violence now. We need our youth to join us.

Mayors are calling for action now.

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As a youth leader in your city, America’s mayors are asking you to:

August 8, 2019

The Honorable Mitch McConnell
Majority Leader
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510

The Honorable Charles E. Schumer
Democratic Leader
United States Senate
Washington, DC 201510

Dear Leader McConnell and Leader Schumer:

RE: Senate Action Needed NOW on Gun Safety Legislation

On behalf of The United States Conference of Mayors, we urge you to immediately call the Senate back to Washington to take action on bipartisan gun safety legislation.

Already in 2019, there have been over 250 mass shootings. The tragic events in El Paso and Dayton this weekend are just the latest reminders that our nation can no longer wait for our federal government to take the actions necessary to prevent people who should not have access to firearms from being able to purchase them.

In late February, the House of Representatives passed two bills that would greatly strengthen the background check system:

  • H.R. 8, the Bipartisan Background Check Act of 2019
  • H.R. 1112, the Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2019

H.R. 8 passed the House on February 27 on a bipartisan vote of 240-190. It would close serious loopholes in the background check system by:

  • requiring all firearm purchases to undergo a NICS background check;
  • helping to prevent dangerous individuals from obtaining deadly weapons by circumventing the laws on the books;
  • prohibiting unlicensed transfers of guns through unregulated secondary sales; and
  • increasing law enforcement’s ability to trace crime guns.

H.R. 1112 passed the House on February 28 on a bipartisan vote of 228-198. If this bill had been law in 2015, the terrible tragedy that occurred at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston might have been avoided. The bill would extend the background check review period deadline from three to 10 business days, to help ensure that background checks are completed before weapons are sold and that dangerous individuals who should not have them are unable to purchase them.

H.R. 8 and H.R. 1112 are bipartisan, sensible gun safety bills that would make our cities and our people safer, and would in no way compromise gun owners’ rights.

We urge you to call the Senate back to session now to take up and pass these bills to help reduce gun violence and the terrible toll it takes in our cities and our nation.

Quick passage of these bills is a critical step to reducing gun violence in our country. The United States Conference of Mayors stands ready to work with Congress, the Administration and others to develop holistic remedies to the scourge of gun violence. America has proven time and again that we can rise to our most difficult challenges. We look forward to working with you to find a way forward to protect our citizens from this senseless carnage.

We must act now.

Contact Your Senators Now

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Sen. Lisa Murkowski AK 202-224-6665 @lisamurkowski @senlisamurkowski
Sen. Dan Sullivan AK 202-224-3004 @SenDanSullivan @sen_dansullivan
Sen. Doug Jones AL 202-224-4124 @sendougjones @dougjonesbama
Sen. Richard Shelby AL 202-224-5744 @SenShelby @senatorshelby
Sen. John Boozman AR 202-224-4843 @JohnBoozman @johnboozman
Sen. Tom Cotton AR 202-224-2353 @SenTomCotton @tomcottonar
Sen. Kyrsten Sinema AZ 202-224-4521 @Senatorsinema @senatorsinema
Sen. Martha McSally AZ 202-224-2235 @SenMcSallyAZ @senmcsallyaz
Sen. Dianne Feinstein CA 202-224-3841 @SenFeinstein @the_real_dianne_feinstein
Sen. Kamala Harris CA 202-224-3553 @KamalaHarris @kamalaharris
Sen. Michael Bennet CO 202-224-5852 @SenBennetCO @senatorbennet
Sen. Cory Gardner CO 202-224-5941 @SenCoryGardner @sencorygardner
Sen. Richard Blumenthal CT 202-224-2823 @SenBlumenthal @senblumenthal
Sen. Christopher Murphy CT 202-224-4041 @ChrisMurphyCT @chrismurphyct
Sen. Thomas Carper DE 202-224-2441 @SenatorCarper @senatorcarper
Sen. Chris Coons DE 202-224-5042 @ChrisCoons @senatorchriscoons
Sen. Rick Scott FL 202-224-5274 @senrickscott @scottforflorida
Sen. Marco Rubio FL 202-224-3041 @marcorubio @marcorubiofla
Sen. Johnny Isakson GA 202-224-3643 @SenatorIsakson @senatorisakson
Sen. David Perdue GA 202-224-3521 @sendavidperdue @sendavidperdue
Sen. Mazie Hirono HI 202-224-6361 @maziehirono @maziehirono
Sen. Brian Schatz HI 202-224-3934 @SenBrianSchatz @brianschatz
Sen. Joni Ernst IA 202-224-3254 @SenJoniErnst @senjoniernst
Sen. Charles Grassley IA 202-224-3744 @ChuckGrassley @senatorchuckgrassley
Sen. Michael Crapo ID 202-224-6142 @MikeCrapo @mikecrapo
Sen. Jim Risch ID 202-224-2752 @SenatorRisch @jimrisch8504
Sen. Tammy Duckworth IL 202-224-2854 @SenDuckworth @SenDuckworth
Sen. Richard Durbin IL 202-224-2152 @SenatorDurbin @durbincampaign
Sen. Mike Braun IN 202-224-4814 @SenatorBraun @senatorbraun
Sen. Todd Young IN 202-224-5623 @SenToddYoung @sentoddyoung
Sen. Jerry Moran KS 202-224-6521 @JerryMoran
Sen. Pat Roberts KS 202-224-4774 @SenPatRoberts @senpatroberts
Sen. Mitch McConnell KY 202-224-2541 @McConnellPress @mcconnellpress
Sen. Rand Paul KY 202-224-4343 @DrRandPaul @drrandpaul
Sen. Bill Cassidy LA 202-224-5824 @BillCassidy
Sen. John Kennedy LA 202-224-4623 @SenJohnKennedy @senjohnkennedy
Sen. Edward Markey MA 202-224-2742 @SenMarkey @edmarkey
Sen. Elizabeth Warren MA 202-224-4543 @SenWarren @elizabethwarrenma
Sen. Benjamin Cardin MD 202-224-4524 @SenatorCardin @senatorcardin
Sen. Chris Van Hollen MD 202-224-4654 @ChrisVanHollen @chrisvanhollen
Sen. Susan Collins ME 202-224-2523 @SenatorCollins @sensusancollins
Sen. Angus King ME 202-224-5344 @SenAngusKing @anguskingmaine
Sen. Gary Peters MI 202-224-6221 @SenGaryPeters @sengarypeters
Sen. Debbie Stabenow MI 202-224-4822 @SenStabenow @senatordebbiestabenow
Sen. Tina Smith MN 202-224-5641 @SenTinaSmith @tinasmithmn
Sen. Amy Klobuchar MN 202-224-3244 @amyklobuchar @amyklobuchar
Sen. Roy Blunt MO 202-224-5721 @RoyBlunt @royblunt
Sen. Josh Hawley MO 202-224-6154 @hawleymo @joshhawleymo
Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith MS 202-224-5054 @SenHydeSmith @sencindyhydesmith
Sen. Roger Wicker MS 202-224-6253 @SenatorWicker @senatorwicker
Sen. Steve Daines MT 202-224-2651 @SteveDaines @stevedaines
Sen. Jon Tester MT 202-224-2644 @SenatorTester @senatorjontester
Sen. Richard Burr NC 202-224-3154 @SenatorBurr @senatorburr
Sen. Thom Tillis NC 202-224-6342 @SenThomTillis @senthomtillis
Sen. Kevin Cramer ND 202-224-2043 @kevincramer @votecramer
Sen. John Hoeven ND 202-224-2551 @SenJohnHoeven @senjohnhoeven
Sen. Deb Fischer NE 202-224-6551 @SenatorFischer @senatorfischer
Sen. Ben Sasse NE 202-224-4224 @SenSasse @senatorsasse
Sen. Margaret Wood Hassan NH 202-224-3324 @SenatorHassan @senatorhassan
Sen. Jeanne Shaheen NH 202-224-2841 @SenatorShaheen @senatorshaheen
Sen. Cory Booker NJ 202-224-3224 @SenBookerOffice @corybooker
Sen. Robert Menendez NJ 202-224-4744 @SenatorMenendez @senatormenendez
Sen. Martin Heinrich NM 202-224-5521 @MartinHeinrich @senatormartinheinrich
Sen. Tom Udall NM 202-224-6621 @SenatorTomUdall @senatortomudall
Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto NV 202-224-3542 @SenCortezMasto @catherinecortezmastofornv
Sen. Jacky Rosen NV 202-224-6244 @SenJackyRosen @senjackyrosen
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand NY 202-224-4451 @SenGillibrand @kirstengillibrand
Sen. Charles Schumer NY 202-224-6542 @SenSchumer @chuckschumer
Sen. Sherrod Brown OH 202-224-2315 @SenSherrodBrown @sensherrodbrown
Sen. Rob Portman OH 202-224-3353 @senrobportman @senrobportman
Sen. James Inhofe OK 202-224-4721 @InhofePress @inhofepress
Sen. James Lankford OK 202-224-5754 @SenatorLankford @senatorlankford
Sen. Jeff Merkley OR 202-224-3753 @SenJeffMerkley @senjeffmerkley
Sen. Ron Wyden OR 202-224-5244 @RonWyden @RonWyden
Sen. Bob Casey PA 202-224-6324 @SenBobCasey @senbobcasey
Sen. Patrick Toomey PA 202-224-4254 @SenToomey @senpattoomey
Sen. Jack Reed RI 202-224-4642 @SenJackReed
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse RI 202-224-2921 @SenWhitehouse @senwhitehouse
Sen. Lindsey Graham SC 202-224-5972 @GrahamBlog @lindseygrahamsc
Sen. Tim Scott SC 202-224-6121 @SenatorTimScott @senatortimscott
Sen. Mike Rounds SD 202-224-5842 @SenatorRounds @senatorrounds
Sen. John Thune SD 202-224-2321 @SenJohnThune @senjohnthune
Sen. Lamar Alexander TN 202-224-4944 @SenAlexander @senlamaralexander
Sen. Marsha Blackburn TN 202-224-3344 @MarshaBlackburn @marshablackburn
Sen. John Cornyn TX 202-224-2934 @JohnCornyn @johncornyn
Sen. Ted Cruz TX 202-224-5922 @SenTedCruz @sentedcruz
Sen. Mitt Romney UT 202-224-5251 @SenatorRomney @senatorromney
Sen. Mike Lee UT 202-224-5444 @SenMikeLee @senmikelee
Sen. Patrick Leahy VT 202-224-4242 @SenatorLeahy @senatorleahy
Sen. Bernard Sanders VT 202-224-5141 @SenSanders @berniesanders
Sen. Tim Kaine VA 202-224-4024 @SenKaineOffice @timkaine
Sen. Mark Warner VA 202-224-2023 @MarkWarner @senatorwarner
Sen. Maria Cantwell WA 202-224-3441 @SenatorCantwell @senatormariacantwell
Sen. Patty Murray WA 202-224-2621 @PattyMurray @senpattymurray
Sen. Tammy Baldwin WI 202-224-5653 @SenatorBaldwin @senatorbaldwin
Sen. Ron Johnson WI 202-224-5323 @SenRonJohnson @senronjohnson
Sen. Shelley Capito WV 202-224-6472 @SenCapito @sencapito
Sen. Joe Manchin WV 202-224-3954 @Sen_JoeManchin @joesenatorf782
Sen. John Barrasso WY 202-224-6441 @SenJohnBarrasso @senjohnbarrasso
Sen. Michael Enzi WY 202-224-3424 @SenatorEnzi @senatorenzi

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