Supporting a Cities-Driven Plan to Reverse Climate Change

Adopted at the 85th Annual Meeting in 2017

  • WHEREAS, the Paris Agreement adopted by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change specifically identifies the importance of local governments in the role of environmental protection; and

    WHEREAS, research from the United States Conference of Mayors states that cities comprise 91% of the United States' Gross Domestic Product, placing Mayors at the center of marrying environmental protection with economic growth; and

    WHEREAS, cities are already having to invest billions of dollars annually in infrastructure and support services to deal with climate change's impacts of heat waves, droughts, and torrential rain events; and

    WHEREAS, a 2015 report from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency showed that aggressively combatting climate change would result in 12,000 fewer deaths in major U.S. cities due to extreme heat; up to $2.8 billion in avoided flooding costs; and $6.4 billion in avoided urban drainage costs by 2100; and

    WHEREAS, the Clean Power Plan as proposed by the Obama Administration was not only designed to significantly move the United States towards its proposed Nationally Determined Contribution but also encourage cities to move forward with clean energy initiatives through the Clean Energy Incentive Program; and

    WHEREAS, recent actions by the Trump Administration, including the rollback of Clean Power Plan regulations, the rollback of updated fuel efficiency standards, and steep cuts to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; and

    WHEREAS, although cities cannot formally ??join?? the Paris Agreement it is increasingly important for Mayors to commit to doing their part on climate action via aggressive policies and programs that reduce our environmental footprint while promoting a 21st century economy,

    that the United States Conference of Mayors calls upon the Trump Administration and Congress to support the fight against climate change by fully committing themselves to Paris Climate Accord, the Clean Power Plan, the Clean Energy Incentive Program, and other efforts that will provide cities the tools they need to combat climate change; and

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Mayors of the United States Conference of Mayors commit to partnerships and convening that strengthen ties between cities around climate change.

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