Waste Management, Inc.
WM is a For Tomorrow® company committed to creating a more sustainable world by helping
municipalities reduce waste, decrease emissions and use more recycled materials in a manner that is
good for people, communities and the environment.
Custom Solutions, For Tomorrow®
As your sustainability partner, WM customizes waste management solutions to help you achieve your
sustainability goals.
-Waste, recycling, yard waste, bulky item, and organics collection
-Materials processing
-Transfer operations
-Household hazardous waste
-Diversion strategy development
-Event waste management
-Zero-waste solutions
Investing Today, For Tomorrow®
- MRFs: WM is investing $800 million in recycling infrastructure from 2022 to 2025 to continue reinventing
what's possible at our facilities.
- Fleet: 57% of WM's collection fleet is CNG vehicles, which avoid the use of millions of gallons of diesel
fuel per year and comprise the largest heavy-duty natural gas fleet of its kind in North America.
Community Vitality, For Tomorrow®
WM has a personal interest in making communities better places to work and live by supporting local
causes that are important to the vitality of the communities we serve.
A Circular Economy, For Tomorrow®
WM recycled more than 15 million tons of materials in 2021 and is helping to shape a more sustainable
- WM and Dow: working to improve residential recycling for hard-to-recycle plastics.
- WM and Continuus: working to repurpose 500,000 pounds of paper and plastic that can't typically be
recycled into roofing material.
- WM and Repreve: working to give plastics a second life as new products we use daily.
Recycle Right®, For Tomorrow®
WM aims to reduce recycling contamination to 10% by 2025 through consumer education and outreach.
Whether you run a neighborhood of 500 or a city of 5,000,000, you can depend on WM to provide
environmentally responsible services and help you drive a better tomorrow for all.