UL Research Institutes
UL Research Institutes is a leading independent safety science organization with global reach. We sense and act on risks to public safety with bold hypotheses and objective investigations.
Our researchers explore both the benefits and risks of today's technologies and pursue answers to socially relevant questions related to public safety. We take a multidisciplinary approach that engages the ingenuity of top minds across scientific disciplines to engineer a safer and more sustainable world " one in which every individual can thrive.

Since 1894, our research has diligently identified risks to humanity and our planet and countered them with science-based knowledge designed to benefit people everywhere. Today, we are hard at work discovering how safety science can help solve the increasingly urgent problems of the 21st century, putting our expertise to work investigating issues ranging from the health impacts of environmental and chemical pollution to the safety and equity risks artificial intelligence may foster. Our groundbreaking research proceeds in parallel with the transformative commercial work of UL Solutions and helps inform the public safety standards and policies developed by UL Standards & Engagement. Together, we are all advancing safety science for the greater good.

UL Research Institutes continues to set the agenda for safety science as the world rises to meet global challenges like climate change and increasing digitization. Driven by our dedication to scientific discovery and our mission to build a safer world, we will remain one step ahead, ready to explore whatever appears on the next horizon.

Other Areas of Interest/Expertise: The Science of Safety: More specifically in Human Health, AI, Fire Safety, etc.