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The winners of the inaugural Better Cities for Pets™ Grants have been announced!  Read the press release.

Making our cities more pet-friendly can have so many positive impacts, from improving the health of our citizens, to raising property values. That’s why USCM has partnered with Mars Petcare, one of the world’s leading pet care providers, to promote pet-friendly communities. Together, we’re launching a new nationwide initiative to promote, support and expand pet-friendly programs and policies in America’s cities. The BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ initiative can help your city advance the goal of creating welcoming places for people and pets to live, work and play together.

If you’re interested in making your city more pet-friendly, Mars Petcare has shared these tips:

  • Review the Playbook for Pet-Friendly Cities for ideas to help you build your program. The playbook has numerous tips and learnings from best practices and pilot programs that are already underway.
  • Consider partners such as:
  • A local nonprofit animal welfare organization for pet adoption or spay/neuter programs
  • org’s Rescue Rebuild program for shelter and park renovations/builds
  • Local developers for pet-friendly housing advances
  • Your local Downtown Association or Chamber of Commerce for pet-friendly business programs

Get inspired! Here’s a quick look at how pets make life better and why making cities more pet friendly helps everyone enjoy a better life:

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