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The Workforce Development Council (WDC), established in 1977 as the Employment and Training Council, works with mayors' representatives to influence Congress and the U.S. Department of Labor in directing more employment and training funds to cities, to identify key issues in workforce development that affect cities, and to assure that the role of cities is paramount in all workforce development activities.


The Conference of Mayors Workforce Development Council (WDC) provides a forum for Mayors and their employment and training administrators to examine all workforce development issues and to strengthen the ability of cities to meet the needs of their citizens; particularly economically disadvantaged individuals, those with serious skill deficiencies, dislocated workers, and others with special barriers to employment, including youth. Click for more information.

Activities and Accomplishments

  • Conduct focus groups and provide in-depth technical assistance to cities on strategies for coordination of their social services, employment, training and educational programs.

  • Publish papers on technical issues related to workforce development and employment and training.

  • Work with other public interest groups to provide information on dislocated worker programs and provide technical assistance to cities regarding early intervention for worker dislocation, particularly relating to defense downsizing.

  • Facilitate information exchange between urban job-training administrators, the Department of Labor, and Capitol Hill on workforce development and other employment and training activities. The staff director works closely with the Department of Labor to strengthen the role of the mayor in employment and training programs.

  • The staff director also provides information to mayors on the relationship between workforce development and employment and training at various other Conference of Mayors meetings.


  • Sponsor a Congressional Forum each Fall with congressional members and staff to review legislative activities relating to employment training and workforce development, and to provide an opportunity for WDC members to interact with their congressional representatives and Department of Labor officials in Washington, D.C.

  • Hold an annual meeting in January in conjunction with the United States Conference of Mayors Winter Meeting in Washington, D.C. During this meeting officers and a Board of Trustees are elected.

  • Hold a meeting in conjunction with the Annual U.S. Conference of Mayors, which is held in various cities across the country in June of each year. The purpose of this meeting is to provide mayors with policy input as they develop their agenda for the coming year. Membership Members are employment and training directors, workforce development board directors, and workforce directors in U.S. Conference member cities. View the membership list here.

City Benefits

Members of the Workforce Development Council receive weekly electronic mailings and other direct communications. In these mailings members are informed on activities of the Congress, Department of Labor and other federal agencies on workforce development issues. Also included is information on what is happening in Washington and across the country on major activities in workforce development and employment and training issues.

The program year fee for services is as follows:

Cities under 200,000 population………………$825.00
200,000 - 500,000……………………………………$1,650.00
500, 000 - 1,000,000………………………………$3,300.00
Over 1,000,000………………………………………$4,950.00

Staff Contacts
Ida Mukendi
Administrative Assistant
202-861-6724 Check back soon!

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