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Charlotte Tour McCrory Hosts Coles in Tour of City's Rail Corridors, Redevelopment Projects

July 31, 2000

Mayor Patrick McCrory welcomed Conference of Mayor's President Boise Mayor H. Brent Coles during his recent visit to Charlotte for NACo's 65th Annual Conference, providing Mayor Coles with a pedestrian, van and trolley tour of the city's many redevelopment projects now underway throughout the city.

Joined by Conference Executive Director J. Thomas Cochran, Coles started the day long tour at the joint City of Charlotte/Mecklenberg County office building. The group then visited various rail locations and housing projects, both low-income, mixed income and market rate developments, largely in downtown and surrounding neighborhoods.

One of the most high-profile initiatives now underway in the Charlotte area is its integrated transit and land use plan. The region's transit plan will invest in trolleys, light rail and busways to underpin the area's smart growth efforts which emphasizes redeveloping downtown neighborhoods. Travelling on an historic trolley line, McCrory showed Coles the many downtown housing and retail projects, both rehabilitation and new construction, that anticipate the region's multi-year rail investment plan. In addition, the mayors toured downtown housing and retail projects that have received strong financial backing from Charlotte-based banks, like Bank of America and First Union. As a result, thousands of units of high-density housing are already under construction or permitted for construction in the downtown area.

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