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Buffalo Mayor Nominates Local Fast-Growing Firms for Inner City Award

By Zoe Cohen
July 31, 2000

Initiative for a Competitive Inner City

Buffalo Mayor Anthony Masiello on July 28th became the first mayor to officially nominate 31 urban companies for the 2001 ICIC-Inc. Magazine Inner City 100. The Inner City 100 is a joint venture between the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) and Inc. magazine to highlight America's fast-growing inner-city companies. Since its inception, the Inner City 100 has received strong support from Buffalo Mayor Anthony Masiello.

"I applaud Mayor Masiello and his commitment to the Inner City 100. Last year, Mayor Masiello nominated 10 companies, and four of those companies made the Inner City 100," said J. Thomas Cochran, Conference of Mayors Executive Director. "With 31 nominations in the door, Buffalo is on track to have a great showing on the 2001 Inner City 100. I urge mayors to follow Mayor Masiello's example by nominating companies for this prestigious award."

The USCM's partnership with the Inner City 100 has been very successful, and last year 250 nominations were submitted by mayors. Our goal for the 2001 Inner City 100 is to double the mayoral nomination pool to 500 nominations by the September Leadership Conference, and to hold several local celebration and nomination events. The Inner City 100 is a powerful vehicle to highlight thriving companies and to demonstrate the great strides that cities have made over the past few years. If you are interested in holding an Inner City 100 event in your city, please contact Nilda Martin, Manager of the Inner City 100, at 617-292-2363 x 140.

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