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July 31, 2000

With the GOP convention opening this week in Philadelphia, host Mayor John Street, a Democrat, will be eager to showcase his city. In Los Angeles in mid-August, host Mayor Richard Riordan, a Republican, will help culminate months of efforts in watching the Democratic convention counterpart.

Oddly enough, former Philadelphia Mayor Ed Rendell now heads the Democratic National Committee. But his hard work, coupled with the strong support of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, and Philadelphia's energetic fund-raising efforts all helped to bring the GOP convention to Philadelphia.

As convention coverage draws the attention of the U.S. viewers beginning this week, look for both Mayor Street and Mayor Riordan to be the center of much media frenzy.

Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown visited Cuba July 23rd during a trip aimed at a sister city relationship between Oakland and the eastern Cuban city of Santiago. It was Mayor Brown's first visit to Cuba and, during his visit, the Los Angeles Times on July 25 reported that the mayor called for an end to U.S. trade sanctions against Cuba. Mayor Brown also said he hopes the relationship between the two cities will result in increased exchanges of teachers, musicians, artists and professionals to visit Oakland and vice versa.

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