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USCM President Diaz Announces -08 Action Forums: Philadelphia: Crime / New York City: Infrastructure / Los Angeles: Poverty / Chicago: Arts / Miami: Environment
Launches “March for America” August 4 at The National Press Club

July 28, 2008

U.S. Conference of Mayors President Miami Mayor Manny Diaz announced in Miami July 17 the Five National ’08 Mayor Action Forums to commence August 5-6 in Philadelphia on Crime; New York City on Infrastructure on August 13-14; Los Angeles on Poverty in September; and Miami on Environment on October 2. The Chicago on Arts forum is being discussed and dates will be announced soon.

Diaz begins this initiative in Philadelphia, where mayors and police chiefs will assemble to focus on the restoration of the COPS, the block grant program, AK 47s and rapid-fire weapons, and youth violence.

In New York City one week later, Diaz joins Mayor Michael Bloomberg as mayors assemble at Gracie Mansion to develop a strategy based on transportation policy adopted by the nation’s mayors at the 76th Annual Meeting last month in Miami.

At the Los Angeles forum in September, Diaz joins USCM Poverty Chair Los Angeles Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa to focus on poverty that will include housing, workforce, jobs and other items to support the Bloomberg redefinition of poverty that was announced earlier this month by Bloomberg.

On October 2, the day before mayors asssemble at their Fall Leadership Meeting in Palm Beach, mayors will first go to Miami to focus on the environment with a heavy emphasis on energy needs to support the 870 mayors that are signatories to the Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement.

In Chicago, Arts will be the subject discussed and acted upon and this includes challenges with travel and tourism and strengthening the arts, sports, entertainment, parts and recreation sector that is most important to keep the metro economies of America strong.

At the Fall Leadership Meeting in Palm Beach, mayors will assemble and consider the strategies put forth at the five national forums and they will be involved in working sessions as we take these recommendations to present to the President-Elect after the election on Tuesday, November 4.

Diaz has a clear vision and goal-oriented mission to forge a National Action Agenda that will persuade the next President of the United States to include the mayor’s recommendations in his First 100-Day Agenda.