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CUSP, DuPont Partnership Focuses on Science in the School Day

January 30, 2012

DuPont Public Relations Manager Mary Kate Campbell spoke to our mayors about DuPont's Platinum Partnership with The U.S. Conference of Mayors. She noted that over the past 11 years, DuPont and the Conference of Mayors have worked to assist mayors in making their cities safer, smarter and healthier.

DuPont has put close to $5 million into neighborhoods through the USCM DuPont Lead Safe for Kids' Sake program. As a result, the reduction of elevated blood lead levels across the nation has been one of the biggest public health success stories of the past 50 years.

In 2012 the partnership will focus on our cities' elementary school children through the Science in the School Day Program. Through this program fourth and fifth graders are introduced to science and engineering in a fun way- with some of DuPont's most promising engineers. The goal: to get our kids interested in science and engineering at an early age so that we can ultimately keep them competitive with the world.

To date, DuPont has brought the Science in the School Day Program to over 200 cities involving 30,000 students.

Contact us at and we will arrange a time to bring it to your city. If we can light a few sparks every time we do one of these events, that's no small achievement.