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Conference of Mayors, Philips Launch New Mayors’ Lighting Partnership

By Debra DeHaney-Howard and Kevin McCarty
January 28, 2013

Addressing mayors at the 81st Winter Meeting, Conference of Mayors CEO and Executive Director Tom Cochran announced a new partnership between The U.S. Conference of Mayors and Philips Lighting, stating, “With the Mayors’ Lighting Partnership, we are bringing the strengths of our two great organizations together to give mayors a new resource for lighting technology solutions. This partnership will save money, reduce energy consumption and climate emissions, improve public safety, and beautify your cities.”

In his remarks, Philips Chairman Emeritus Zia Eftekhar cited the benefits of the new partnership. “This is a distinct opportunity for us to work together through a very strong public-private partnership, moving forward and achieving the goals that we all ultimately have for our country and for our communities.”

“While innovative, energy-efficient lighting solutions are a significant source of cost savings, they can also beautify and inspire, and help promote safety and economic development of our communities,” he said.

”Potentially LED technology, where Philips is really a clear cut leader, is more than just a new tool to save energy. Digital lighting and LED technology enable us to do significantly more with that technology, in terms of communications and in terms of controls and in terms of really being able to enhance our lifestyles,” Eftekhar said at the January 18 plenary session.

In his comments on the Mayors’ Lighting Partnership, Conference of Mayors President Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter said, “We want to thank Philips for their support of the Conference and their work with mayors. I can attest on a personal level that Zia and his entire team are focused on these issues.” He continued, “You can see what they can do for South Broad Street in Philadelphia [Avenue of the Arts lighting project], and they can do the same in your city as well.”

“Our work with Philips has shown me their strong commitment to you and your cities. This partnership is another example of that commitment,” Cochran said in comments on the Partnership. “At our Orlando Annual Meeting, you asked the Conference of Mayors to do even more in supporting you and your cities in deploying new lighting technologies. Today’s announcement is how we are responding to that policy adopted by you,” he said.

“Mayors across the country have already seen firsthand what we [Philips] have been able to do collectively to not only create significant energy savings and conservation in terms of environmental impact, but also what we can do together to enhance cities throughout the country,” Eftekhar said.

Benefits of Partnership Featured at Meeting

Throughout the Winter Meeting, Philips officials shared information on the Mayors’ Lighting Partnership including taking requests for free energy assessments in cities. “Philips invites you to request a free energy assessment of your cities and, based on that assessment, we can talk about all the different options that we could, through our collaboration through our Mayors’ Lighting Partnership, take to a stage that can be executed in your communities,” Eftekhar said in closing his remarks.

Additional information on this announcement and the Mayors’ Lighting Partnership is available online at